General terms and conditions

1. General

Organizer and manager of the website

TIMING Ljubljana, association for the implementation of sports programs, Staničeva ulica 41, 1000 Ljubljana, VAT ID: SI17482992, registration no.: 5453968000, e-mail: [email protected] (hereinafter: the organizer (for the purpose of the Ljubljana Marathon) or manager (for the purpose of using this website) or seller or organizer (for questions related to the Ljubljana Marathon).

To assess these terms of business the Slovenian legislation is used.

2. Terms of use of the website

Use of this website means viewing content on the website, filling out forms on the website, ordering products on the website, customer registration, using the online application, the possibility of customer comments, other types of use depending on the content of the website.

Website visitors must use the website responsibly and without causing harm. The non-exclusive list of prohibited actions includes:

  • violate the copyrights of third parties or violate other intellectual property rights of both the manager and third parties,
  • violate personal rights,
  • incite hatred or acts of violence,
  • encourage the use of illicit substances,
  • promote phishing,
  • intentionally distribute viruses, worms, flaws, Trojan horses, damaged files, hoaxes or other content or elements of a destructive or deceptive nature,
  • use the website for the purpose of illegal file sharing using advanced peer-to-peer networking,
  • use a cryptocurrency mining system,
  • perform other actions that violate or encourage conduct that constitutes a violation of criminal laws and regulations or other applicable regulations and rights of third parties.

Violation of the stated rules may result in criminal and compensatory liability, and will also result in the permanent blocking of access to the website for the violator of the rules.

3. Terms of purchase

Responsibilities of the customer

  1. The customer is obliged to leave the website if he does not agree with the terms of business.
  2. The customer is obliged to use the website in such a way as not to cause damage to the website or the seller intentionally or negligently.
  3. The customer can inform the seller about technical disturbances or malfunctions of the website or contents, if the disturbances or malfunctions are not detected by the seller due to external causes.

Customer registration

  1. The customer is obliged to provide accurate and truthful information during and after registration. Any misuse of third party personal data is prohibited.
  2. The customer is obliged to keep the received username and password carefully and not to pass it on to third parties.
  3. The customer is aware that the seller may initiate appropriate legal proceedings against him in case of use of untrue data or misuse of third-party personal data. Customers can register if they are at least 16 years old on the date of registration.

Responsibilities of the seller

The seller is responsible for the operation of the website and the content it offers, except in cases of force majeure or other causes beyond its control. The seller tries to eliminate technical and content errors quickly with the aim of enabling smooth use of the website and content.

The seller does not assume responsibility and the customer cannot claim compensation for possible damages that may arise from this in the following cases:

  1. damage suffered by the customer due to incorrect use of the website or failure to comply with these terms and conditions,
  2. errors in texts,
  3. if the site is down,
  4. the inadequacy of the content on the website (the content on the website is of an exclusively informative nature and in no case can replace the opinions of relevant experts, unless this is explicitly written),
  5. links to third-party websites (the seller does not assume responsibility for the content on third-party websites, but undertakes to choose links carefully).

3.1. Sale of products and services

Products and services are presented in detail in the offer, which is available on the seller's website. The seller has defined product characteristics, price and stock, possible discounts and campaigns, ordering and payment methods and customer rights on the website. Before confirming the order, the customer is familiarised with these terms and conditions and agrees to them when placing the order.

The customer enters the data required for sending the products ordered and selects the product and the quantity on the website, which also contains the product description. By clicking on the Confirm button and paying for the product or service, a sales contract is concluded between the seller and the customer, the content and terms of which are determined by these general terms and conditions.

All prices are expressed in EUR. The prices indicate whether they include VAT (and a percentage) or not. Prices may be changed by the seller and are effective immediately upon publication. For already confirmed orders, the prices from the order remain valid. Discounts and promo codes do not stack unless otherwise stated.

Payment methods

The seller provides the following payment options for products and services:

  • payment order / UPN (advance invoice),
  • Paypal,
  • payment cards.

The customer receives the invoice for the ordered products from the online store physically upon receipt of the ordered products, and the receipt for the registration fee to the e-mail address after completing the payment process. The seller keeps invoices at the company headquarters for 10 years. The invoice is accessible to any customer with a prior written request to the appointed email address or the seller's postal address.


The deadline for shipping of products is a maximum of 8 working days after receipt of payment or order. In the event of problems with the delivery of the selected product or an extension of the delivery deadline, the seller will inform the customer accordingly and, if necessary, concede on an extension of the delivery deadline or on the replacement of the product or the refund of the purchase price.

The cost of delivery is charged according to the postal service price list. Delivery is carried out by Pošta Slovenije.


In the event of a material defect, the customer must notify the seller in writing within two months of noticing the defect. After the expiration of two years from the purchase, a material defect cannot be asserted.

The complaint must include:

  1. customer contact information
  2. an exact description of the product or several products,
  3. the fault being reported,
  4. the original invoice must be attached and
  5. the product you are opening the claim for.

The customer must allow the seller to inspect the product. The seller will respond to the customer no later than 8 days after receiving the written complaint. If the complaint is justified, the seller offers the customer the correction of the error, a new product or the possibility of withdrawing from the contract.

The customer can submit complaints in writing to the email address [email protected].

Contract withdrawal

The consumer (customer) has the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days from the date of purchase, without giving a reason. The term begins to run on the day when the customer acquires actual possession of the goods (or the last piece of goods, if the subject of the contract is several pieces of goods), or if it is digital content supplied on a material data carrier, when the material carrier is received. In the case of a contract for the provision of a service or the supply of digital content that is not supplied on a physical data carrier, the withdrawal period begins on the day the contract is concluded. In order for the deadline for withdrawing from the contract to be taken into account, it is sufficient that the notice regarding the exercise of the consumer's right to withdraw from the contract is sent before the expiry of the withdrawal period from this contract.

In order to withdraw from the contract, customers can use the form at the link: www.uradni-list.si

The consumer returns or delivers the goods to the seller at his address without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the day on which the consumer notified the seller of withdrawal from the contract. The deadline is taken into account if the consumer sends the goods back before the end of the 14-day period.

If the consumer withdraws from this contract, the seller will reimburse him for all payments received, including delivery costs (except for additional costs due to the choice of a type of delivery that is not price the most favorable standard form of delivery offered by the seller) without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal from this contract. Such reimbursement is made by the seller using the same means of payment as was used to carry out the original transaction, unless this would be associated with significant costs or deemed impossible.

Direct return costs are the responsibility of the customer. The customer must not unreasonably delay the return of the services or goods received. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the customer may not use the digital service or make it available to third parties. The customer is responsible for the reduced value of the goods due to the handling of the goods or services, which is not absolutely necessary to determine its nature, properties and functioning.

The seller may withhold payment until the returned goods are received or until the consumer sends proof that the goods have been sent back, whichever occurs first.

In the event that the returned product is damaged or its value is reduced in some other way, the seller reserves the right to reduce the value of the refund of the entire purchase price.

In the case of purchasing services within the framework of events (e.g. registration for a marathon), it is considered that the seller has fulfilled its side of the contract in full upon the date of the event. By accepting these general conditions, the customer expressly agrees and consents to losing the rights to withdraw from the contract.

4. Special conditions for registration and participation in the Ljubljana Marathon

This section is used for registration and participation in the Ljubljana Marathon. If this chapter provides special rules, the rules of this chapter shall apply.

Participant means a natural person who registers for and/or participates in the marathon. All participants must comply with the terms of this section. Otherwise, the organizer reserves the right to refuse participation in the marathon at its own discretion and without the possibility of refunding any payments already received.

Registration for the marathon is possible on the website https://registration.ljubljanskimaraton.si/en/all.html. To participate in the marathon, it is necessary to register and apply in accordance with these general conditions. After successfully completed registration and payment, participants will receive a confirmation message at their email address, which will contain all relevant information about the transaction and registration. Registration for the marathon is final only after payment has been received and all registration conditions have been met.

The age limit for participation in the 10 km run is 16 years, for the half marathon 18 years and for the marathon 20 years, reached in the current year, in accordance with the rules of the Athletics Federation of Slovenia and the World Athletics Federation (WA).

Collection of the starter pack

Collection of the starter package is only possible during the I Run fair with the voucher of the registered runner. The date of the fair is announced on the organizer's website and via e-mail.

Free applications

Certain places in the marathon may be allocated at the sole discretion of the organizer through a lottery or in partnership with charities. Participants cannot assert any legal claims from this title.

Health and safety

Participants confirm their physical and health fitness to participate in the marathon. The organizer recommends that all participants consult a doctor before the marathon and act in accordance with the doctor's advice.

Rules and obligations

By participating in the marathon, participants accept and agree to all rules and obligations set by the organizer. This also includes following all instructions and regulations during the event, regardless of their form.

Time limit

The marathon must be completed within the time frame specified on the website.

Information before the marathon

The organizer will inform the participants about the procedures, instructions and possible changes related to the marathon exclusively via the registered e-mail address of the participants and its website, therefore the participants are obliged to follow both channels of information. In the event that participants do not comply with this condition, complaints or other legal consequences for the organizer are excluded.

Photography and recordings

As the Ljubljana Marathon is a public event that takes place on public grounds, visitors and participants are aware that photography and video recording of the event may occur. Photos and videos taken at the event may be used to document and promote the event. The organizer guarantees that the use of materials produced by the organizer will be carried out respectfully and in accordance with the purpose of promoting the event. All rights to photos and recordings created by the organizer or its authorized representatives belong to the organizer.

The organizer does not assume responsibility for photography or filming carried out by third parties at the Ljubljana Marathon. Since the marathon is a public event, it may happen that the participants or visitors of the event record or take photos, and the organizer cannot take responsibility for these activities. Marathon participants and visitors who do not wish to be photographed or videotaped by third parties are responsible for making this clear to those taking photos or videos.

Participants have access to their photos with their code, which is stated on their start number.

Group application

In the case of a group application, the password is determined by the contact person. The contact person is thus independently and fully responsible for the content entered on the website. This also includes the duty to inform the persons whose personal data the contact person enters on this portal, in relation to the protection of personal data on this website. By entering the personal data of third parties, the contact person assumes full responsibility for obtaining the consent of these third parties for such conduct. When adding runners to a group or club, the same personal data of fellow runners must be entered as for individual registration.

Application fee transfer

The participant can use the right to transfer the registration fee to the following year upon registration and upon payment of an additional 5 EUR (which includes VAT). The transfer can only be used for the current year, namely until the end of applications at the latest (the date is published on the organizer's website). If the participant takes advantage of the transfer of the registration fee, it is not possible to take over the starter package.

Changing the distance from a longer distance to a shorter one (42 km > 21 km, 42 km > 10 km, 21 km > 10 km) is possible without additional payment until 1 October 2024. To change the distance, contact [email protected]. Refund of the difference when exchanging from 42 km or 21 km on 10 km is not possible.

Changing the distance from 10 km to a longer distance (10 km>21 km, 10 km>42 km) is not possible after paying the registration fee. This can only be arranged at the start number pick-up point with an additional payment of EUR 10.

A refund of the registration fee is not possible under any circumstances from the moment of termination of the right to withdraw in accordance with these general conditions, but at the latest from the beginning of the day of the event. This also applies if the participant has a medical certificate.

Exclusion of liability

By participating in the marathon, participants assume responsibility for all potential dangers and risks associated with the competition. This includes, but is not limited to, potential injuries or medical complications.

The organizer assumes no responsibility for illness, injury, loss or damage that may occur during participation in the marathon. Participants waive their rights to lawsuits and any other claims against the organizer due to possible injuries or other health complications and death resulting from participation in the marathon.

The organizer is not responsible for any loss, material damage, other claims, expenses or costs incurred in connection with participation in the event.

The organizer reserves the right to change the conditions, route or other elements of the marathon.

5. Other conditions

Protection of intellectual property rights

All materials, including logos, graphic elements, texts, images and other content published on the website of the Ljubljana Marathon (materials) or in other places in the context of the event, are the property of the organizer and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. Any use of these materials without the prior written consent of the organizer is strictly prohibited. This includes the prohibition of reproduction, distribution, public display or creation of derivative works based on these materials, except to the extent expressly permitted by law or with the written consent of the organizer. Media use of the materials is permitted for event reporting and personal use (which includes personal social media posts).

Conflict solving

In the event of any disputes, they will primarily be resolved peacefully. In the event that a peaceful solution is not possible, a creditable court in Ljubljana is responsible for resolving the dispute.