Half marathon Generali ZAME

9 a.m.
Entry fee
31 March 202455,00 EUR
Ljubljana City centre and surrounding areas of the towne
Sunday, October 20th 2024, at 9 a.m.
Ljubljana City Council
TIMING Ljubljana


Date Price
23. 10. 2023 – 31. 1. 2024  50,00 EUR
1. 2. – 31. 3. 2024 55,00 EUR
1. 4. – 31. 5. 2024 60,00 EUR
1. 6. – 23. 9. 2024 65,00 EUR
24. 9. – 30. 9. 2024 70,00 EUR

The price includes:

  • starting number with single use chip; timekeeping service
  • SMS with performance info
  • functional bag for wardrobe
  • finisher medal
  • coupon for pasta party
  • free entry to EXPO
  • certificate of honour for participation (at the event venue or online after the event)
  • technical area entry (with a starting number)
  • refreshments on refreshment points and at the finish: fruit, chocolate, energy drinks and bars, water, tea, soup
  • medical service on the course (also mobile AED) and at the finish area
  • changing room, wardrobe and toilet
  • pacemakers for favourite times: 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45 and 5:00
  • full road closure
  • officially certified course by World athletics and AIMS
  • music and other activations on the course
  • free public transport on a race day (with starting number)
  • regeneration point on the route - massage

REGISTRATION FEE TRANSFER: when registering, the runner can use the right to transfer the registration fee into next year at an additional charge of 5€. The transfer can only be used for the current year and it has to be announced no later than by the applications deadline (30.09.2024). If you take advantage of the registration fee transfer, it is not possible to pick up the starter pack.

Changing the running distance (42km > 21km, 42km > 10km, 21km > 10km, 21km > 42km) is free of charge and possible until 01.10.2024. To change the distance, please contact [email protected]. Refunds of the difference when changing from 42km or 21km to 10km are not possible.

It is not possible to change the running distance from 10km to a longer distance (10km > 21km, 10km > 42km) after the registration is completed. This can only be arranged at the start number pick up point and at an additional charge of 10€.

Refunds of the registration fee is not possible in any case (not even with a medical certificate)!

Starter package pick up is available only during the Running fair Tečem with a valid voucher.



Men A born 2006 - 1990: 18 to 34 years
Men B born 1989 - 1985: 35 to 39 years
Men C born 1984 - 1980: 40 to 44 years
Men D born 1979 - 1975: 45 to 49 years
Men E born 1974 - 1970: 50 to 54 years
Men F born 1969 - 1965: 55 to 59 years
Men G born 1964 - 1960: 60 to 64 years
Men H born 1959 - 1955: 65 to 69 years
Men I born 1954 and earlier: over 70 years
Women A born 2006 - 1990: 18 to 34 years
Women B born 1989 - 1985: 35 to 39 years
Women C born 1984 - 1980: 40 to 44 years
Women D born 1979 - 1975: 45 to 49 years
Women E born 1974 - 1970: 50 to 54 years
Women F born 1969 - 1965: 55 to 59 years
Women G born 1964 - 1960: 60 to 64 years
Women H born 1959 - 1955: 65 to 69 years
Women I born 1954 and earlier: over 70 years

* only runners born on or before 2006 can run on the half marathon

There will be no possible exceptions! Restrictions are determined in accordance with the AZS/WA rules. Any and all kinds of fraudulence will be treated as a rule violation with disqualification. By registering, you guarantee all the information is correct!


Route course is flat. Start is at Slovenska cesta and finish at Kongresni trg. The course will be run on the inner city streets and roads and on the outskirts of Ljubljana. There are 4 refreshment stations and 2 water stations.

By accessing the map, you agree that some of your information will be shared with Google LLC and that you have read the Personal data protection policy.


Ascent: 71 m
Start: Slovenska cesta (Ajdovščina square), Slovenska cesta, Dunajska cesta, Ulica 7. septembra, Slovenčeva ulica, Podmilščakova ulica, Drenikova ulica, Aljaževa ulica, Goriška ulica, Cesta Ljubljanske brigade, Ulica Jožeta Jame, Pečnikova ulica, Regentova cesta, Vodnikova cesta, Šišenska cesta, Večna pot, Pot Roberta Blinca, Pot za Brdom, Cesta na Brdo, Rožna dolina Cesta II, Rožna dolina Cesta XV, Rožna dolina Cesta VIII, Rožna dolina Cesta IX, Rožna dolina Cesta VI, Rožna dolina Cesta III, Šestova ulica, Tržaška cesta, Aškerčeva cesta, Slovenska cesta, Finish: Kongresni trg
Insurance, liability and health

Every participant shall take part in the competition at his/her own risk. There will be an on duty medical team alongside the (half)marathon course (at each refreshment and water station) and at the marathon finish line.

We recommend runners take a preventive medical examination up to 30 days before the competition and obtain a doctor's confirmation that they are healthy and endeavor ready.

Award ceremony

Public awarding and prize giving is only for the overall male and female category.
The first three competitors in each category will receive the award in a week after event by post.

General rules and conditions

Standard rules and conditions of WA (World athletics)/AZS (Athletic Federation of Slovenia) will apply.  All rules are available via this link.
Any and all violations of rules is sanctioned by the disqualification of the runner.
Runners who take part in the run and are accompanied by a dog or are running with a stroller, run at their own risk and start always from the last start zone.
Information about the competition will be available at TIMING Ljubljana, Staničeva 41, Ljubljana, e-mail: [email protected].
Official results will be published on this page.
A committee shall be dealing with any complaints that may arise on the day of the race at the secretariat on Kongresni trg, between 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Written complaints should be submitted to the committee together with the deposit of 70€.