Crown Sport Nutrition is the official sports nutrition of the VW 27th Ljubljana Marathon

6. 9. 2023

Today, it is known that for an excellent training or competition, it is important that, in addition to the optimal nutrition, we also pay attention to the intake of high-quality sports supplements according to our needs. Fatigue, muscle cramps, numbness, decreased immunity, injuries, disturbed sleep and many more probably sound familiar, right? All of the above can be successfully avoided if we have the appropriate knowledge and support.

Crown Sport Nutrition is a brand of a Spanish sports nutrition manufacturer that invests in scientific research and development and creates superior sports nutritional supplements based on repeatable results. Their products are primarily intended for professional athletes, but due to their accessibility, they are also the first and optimal choice for many recreational athletes who appreciate high quality and efficiency.

For the participants of the VW 27th Ljubljana Marathon, two endurance product packages were prepared for testing before the October event: a small and a large running package. When putting together the packages, they kept the kilometers ahead of you in mind. The large running pack is for the average adult runner who runs 42 km, and the small running pack is for the runner who can run 10 or 21 km. Packages have been price reduced by 30 %!

They are also intended for those who are not yet familiar with Crown Sport Nutrition products, but would like to try excellent quality and taste of Crown Sport Nutrition supplements.

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