The possibility of registering with the cheapest entry fee is expiring!

16. 5. 2023

We runners have two calendars. The first one counts days and the other one counts down the days until the highlight of the running season - the VW Ljubljana Marathon, on 21 and 22 October. The first important date on that calendar is fast approaching. The first registration period ends 30 June. During that period the entry fee for the longest runs (21 and 42 km) is available at the lowest price of 50 EUR, and the entry fee for Garmin 10km is 45 EUR.

After this date, the price will be 10 euros higher. 

By signing up, you will get a high-quality sports backpack, access to many benefits from our partners, a visit to the Expo (Tečem fair), a finishers dragon medal for everyone...  

Ljubljana course offers views of many attractions from start  to finish, you will be crossing the city center, and run in accordance with the highest golden label  standards.